The Company Maraschnow GmbH was founded in 1921 on the 23th of November and originated from the company Ernst Kersten.



The company "Ernst Kersten" was founded.

•   Developing and construction of winding machines for electronic Coils,

•   Manufacturing of foldable stairs for the "Deutsche Bundesbahn"
(German Railway company.)


The company Ernst Kersten was assumed control by Werner Maraschnow.


The company Ernst Kersten merged to a new company "Röntgentechnik Dr. Warrikhoff".
•   X-ray apparatus to check Pipes.


The company Maraschnow GmbH again attained independence under Werner Maraschnow.

•  Developing and Construction of a  einer washing machine of for windows,

•  Developing and Construction of a fully automatic bookbinding machine,

•  Developing of Chemical of chemical tanks for copymachines,

•  Development and Modification of a conventional cylindrical grinding machine into a vortex machine to produce coil bobbins for the elctronics industry.


Hans-Günter Stupak assumed full controlof the company.
• When Mr. Stupak assumed control, the company evolved into a manufacturer of workpieces in bigger batch sizes to supply the electronics and machine industry.


Since 2014 his son Kostja Stupak leads the company.

Until approximately 1987 the company did produce and develop its own machines and devices. Today the Maraschnow GmbH is a contract manufacturer that is relying 98% on CNC-machines.

This development was favored by the increasing development of the CNC technology, which was consistently taken up and introduced by the company.


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